Dr.G S Kalyanasundaram Memorial School News

Annual Day - 20th Feb 2010

The Annual Day celebration of the year 2009-2010 was celebrated in a befitting manner at the school premises on 20.02.2010. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Srivatsan (Mentor – Academics PSBB group of schools, Chennai was the guest of honour
 on this occasion . The other dignitaries were the Chairman of the school Mr.G.K.Ramamurthy, Shri Balasubramanian, our mentor, Dr.Rajaganesan (Retired HOD English Dept. Madras University), Shri K.Sadagopan, Director and Mrs.Usha Natarajan, Advisor to the school.The evening programme started solemnly with the lighting of the “Kuthuvilakku” by the chief guest followed by the prayer.
Then with great eagerness of the parents and other dignitaries assembled there, the programme began with the music concert “ISAI SANGAMAM” which mesmerized the audience with its harmony. This was followed by a Hindi skit on ‘Akbar and Birbal” that made everyone think. The English group song that followed next captivated the hearts of everyone with its mellifluous rhythm and its
message for a cleaner and greener world.

A short dramatization of Shakespeare’s Macbeth transported the audience thousands back to the Elizabethan Era with its eerie settings and life-like enactment. The next item on the list, namely the “Fusion Dance” bore testimony to the nimble feet of so many students and made the onlookers ecstatic.
The grand finale to such a pleasant evening came in the form of “Naranum Naranum” a thought provoking and piety instilling dance-drama

The welcome address was given by Mrs.Radha (primary wing in-charge) and it was followed by the reading of Annual report by the Principal Mrs.Revathi Rajan.
Prizes for the meritorious students were given by the chief guest.

Vice Principal Mrs.Meenakshi Ananthakrishnan proposed the vote of thanks at the end.


Report on Kids Fiesta - 19th  Feb. 2010

“Good children make glad parents”. The good children of GSK presented a wonderful evening on Friday Feb 19th 2010. We celebrated our 2nd Kids fest where the talents of our students were brought forth.

The programme was honoured by the chief guest Dr. S. RAMANUJAM, Former President, Drama Department, Tamil University, Tanjore. The other dignitaries were the Chairman of the school Mr.G.K.Ramamurthy, Shri Balasubramanian, our mentor, Shri K.Sadagopan, Director and Mrs.Usha Natarajan, Advisor to the school.

The evening began with the Lighting the lamp. The theme of the Kids fest for this year was “Nature and I” which will help to make everyone understand the beauty of nature and its importance.
“Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire”. The desire of our students was to restore the beauty of nature. They conveyed the message through the prayer. I and II Std. students sang to the Nature God. ASHA of class II rendered the welcome address.

Our little nightingales sang a Sanskrit Sloka, a Malayalam song about fruits and vegetables and a Kathai Padal in Tamil. Every one of us likes holidays. There was a dance for a song about holiday by the UKG kids that created a holiday mood in all of us.
The kids of I and II std took us to the world of music and fed a feast to our ears by their musical concert.

Trees are a very important part of nature and the English skit beautifully emphasized this aspect. They highlighted the fact that trees have life like us and reminded us of our duty to protect them. Through the Tamil skit our children showed the present situation that our environment is undergoing today and the ways to conserve our environment. The children expressed through their skit that the earth can satisfy only our needs not our greed

There was a thematic dance by the kids with earthen lamps in their hands. they formed various shapes and the snake and peacock danced to the melody of the music as friends. As dance is the hidden language of soul, our beautiful roses of GSK showed their performance in the classical dance which they performed to a Tamil song..

Mrs. Rukmani Srinivasan introduced the chief guest to the audience. The chief guest awarded the students who got general proficiency and 100% attendance for the academic year 2008 – 2009.Chief Guest praised our students for their wonderful performance.
As we all love dance and drama, the dance drama was really interesting and the kids presented the life style of the people and rhythm of their life style living in five different types of land in a grand way and with real zeal.

The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks given by our tiny tot K.G.Bharath Ram of II Std.




Our school celebrated its III Annual Sports day on 30/1/10 [Saturday] in a grand manner. It started by 2.30pm with a prayer song of Hanuman, who is the God of power, courage. The chief guest was Dr..Bose, Coach of the hockey team in Sports Authority of India, Mailaduthurai division. The others on the Dias were our beloved chairman, director, Mr.Muralidharan (Trustee), Dr.Balaji, Dr,Raja Ganesan [Mentor] and Principal Mrs.Eashwari Jayaraman.

The programme began with a prayer followed by the welcome address delivered by our Vice-principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Ananthakrishnan. This was succeeded by the flag hoisting. Then the students from the four houses (Gajam, Simham, Ashwam and Vyagaram) presented their march past in their house costumes. Uniformity, salute and command in the March past were judged by the PETs from GSK Matriculations School.

The real super heroes of our school brought the Olympic torch and it was lit by the chief guest. Sports oath was taken by the SPL (School People Leader), followed by the students and the house captains.

The chief guest declared the sports meet open by releasing some balloons and firing some crackers which ignited the spirit of sportiveness and fire inside the heart of the students.

All the Team games and Individual Games and other sporting activities were conducted before the sports day.  Vyagaram house was leading followed by the Simham in the second place. The climax of the score was determined by the sports events conducted for the students. The events like 100mts for girls and boys and long jump were conducted for the Sub-junior and Junior level students.

Even for the Mothers Bombing the city and for the Fathers passing the ball was conducted and three prizes were given for the categories. Then came the wonderful and colourful displays by the children. Mass drill was done by the V student. They were all dressed in white and moved rhythmically to the music. Then the girls of VII, VIII, IX gave a cadenced dance using Lazeum. Boys proved their strength by breaking the tiles in the karate .Srinithi of VIII proved that girls were not far beyond and could do all these acts as swiftly and speedily as their counter parts.

The eyes of the spectators were filled with joy and zeal by watching the colourful extravaganza presented by the VIII and IX girls. They really made beautiful patterns using colourful saris like the peacock, butterfly, flower, woven mat and so using calculative movements. .

Though not easy, yet the children of VI made it simple and did the movements on bamboo as they were trained for the traditional dance. Next the boys performed various formations in the pyramids. The junior girls put up a beautiful aerobic dance to the cute little music of Crazy Frogs Annual sports report was read by our PET Mr. Rajesh.  The chief guest was honoured and he spoke a few words the prizes were distributed in well planned manner and executed in the right way without any confusion. Nearly 200 prizes were distributed and the champions in Sub-Junior and Junior levels were honoured. For fun and relaxation, games were conducted not only for the students but also for the Teaching and Non-teaching staff and they were honoured on the sports day

The Simham house was the Winner with 121 points followed by the Vyagram in the Runners place with 110 points for the academic year 2009-10. Simham received the prize for the best march past. The programme was highlighted with flag retreat and our PET Mr. Murugesan rendered his vote of thanks. The excitement of the sports day ended with the National Anthem  and all hearts were filled  with joy, happiness and excitement.



Republic Day Celebrations on 26.01.2010

26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in the Indian History.  On this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a sovereign state.  To mark this importance this day, the 61st Republic Day was celebrated in school on 26th January 2010 in a splendid manner.  Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram, President Aran Arul, Additional Inspector, General of Registration, Retd. presided over the function.

March Past by the four houses was held in a grandeur manner.  Children of III and IV performed a dance for the Hindi Patriotic Song which highlighted the celebration.  Gayathri of V B delivered a short speech on Republic Day.  A patriotic song in Tamil was sung by the school choir.  An open house quiz competition was conducted by Social studies Master Ayappan.  Vyagaram and Simham got the first place followed by Ashwam and Gajam.

Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram shared his views and thoughts with us and he honoured the children by distributing the prizes for the various internal competitions held in our school in the II and III Term.  On the whole Republic Day was celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm.



Pongal Celebrations on 12.01.2010

Pongal, it is harvest festival of Tamil Nadu, which is celebrated as a token of gratitude to nature, especially Sun God and cattle wealth.  We pay our tribute to them which have blessed us with rich harvesting and prosperity.
As an institution which always encourages these values, we celebrated the Pongal festival in our school campus during the morning Assembly.  As that day was also the birth day of Swami Vivekananda, homage was paid to that soul in a dignified manner.  A student named Rishi from III Std dressed up as Swami Vivekananda and delivered the famous speech of Swamiji which had made a tremendous effect on the whole audience of Chicago as it started with brothers & Sisters! Instead of Ladies and Gentleman! The child really spoke very well.

A mimic was performed by higher class students depicting Swamiji’s life history; the main event of he being captivated by his spiritual guru – Ramakrishna Paramanamsar.  The whole mimic was given its audio effect by our Tamil Teacher Miss Vijayalakshmi.

Then we started our Pongal celebrations.  Apart from Rangoli, the festive effect was created by decorating with sugarcanes and Pongal pot.
Two little children from I Std. dressed up in folk style saris and presented a conversation style programme through they explained the importance of the four days of Pongal celebrations.

It was then followed by the group folk dance.  Children danced with great enthusiasm.  Their sense of rhythm for the enchanting folk music was really wonderful.  All of us enjoyed it.

Our Principal Mrs. Revathi Rajan conveyed her warm wishes for the festival to all  Thus ended our celebrations filling all our minds with profound happiness.



Christmas is celebrated all over the world on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ.
On December 24th our school celebrated Christmas fest in a very grand manner. The angels of our IX Std. sang the Christmas Carols and prayed to the Lord to shower all his blessings on the world.

Next was the skit in English performed by the VII and VI students on the birth of Christ. There was a lot of happiness on the faces of the students and audience. The boys of IX sang a devotional Tamil song on the occasion of Moharram

Last but not the least, Mr. Jayaraj, Tamil teacher, explained the reasons behind the Moharram celebration which made the students to know about the Moharram, the first month of the year for Muslims and the story of King Firrahm, who died on this same month.

Srinath of IX dressed liked Santa Claus danced for the jingles and gave sweets to the tiny tots of the school. The children were very happy to see him. They enjoyed a lot with our school Santa Claus.


On 24th December the Pre-Primary block celebrated the day as the prize distribution day for the sports events. Mrs. Geetha Shankar gave a brief introduction about the events conducted for the tiny-tots from LKG to II.  The events were based on their daily routine such as getting ready for the school, washing their face, doing make over, arranging their books in the bag, wearing shoes, socks and ID etc. These events were trained and practiced for the children to reduce the burden of the parents and teaching the tiny tots about their responsibilities. Our school always holds uniqueness in all the dimensions, so it was planned to teach the children to do their duties as games. The teachers made them to enjoy doing their work.

The prize winner’s names were called out and the tiny tots were made to stand on the victory stand to receive the prizes and were also crowned. The children were honoured by getting the prizes from the hands of our School Director, Mr.Sadagoban, Advisor, Mrs. Usha Natarajan, Principal, Mrs.Revathi Rajan, Vice Principal, Mrs Meenakshi Anandakrishnan and also from the incharges of both the Primary and Pre Primary blocks. The highlight of the Prize Distribution function was that a few parents were asked to honour the children with prizes.
The programme came to an end with a patriotic song "Vande Mataram" sung by the I Std. children.




Road safety programme was been conducted on 24.12.2009 at our school.  The principal gave the welcome address. Mr.Sadagoban, the Director, thanked them for having taken an effort to come and educate the people to live a safer life and gave out mementoes Students, Teachers and school drivers participated in the programme. At the entrance many charts and flex boards were displayed on road safety. The honorable Mr.Chanderasekhar, General Manager, TNSTC was the chief guest.  He explained to the audience about the traffic rules and regulations. He told the students to follow these rules to be safe. He asked for a few quotes from the students regarding safety which gripped them.

The Motor Vehicle Inspector, Mr.Saravanan also spoke to the students and highlighted the accidents which occurred recently because of the lack of road safety by the drivers. He also enlightened us that non gear vehicle licensee could be availed at the age of 16, light motor and gear vehicles at the age of 18 and heavy vehicles at the age of 20 and above.

A trainer, Mr.Jayakumar from TNSTC also gave a power point presentation showing wrong methods of driving.  He insisted that when we are in roads we should concentrate only on roads and nothing else. He advised not to try any adventure on the road for they re meant only for travel.  He answered the questions of the audience.  He was very specific that drivers should not drink and drive and talk on phones while driving. He also told them not to gaze but concentrate on their work. He told the children about keeping to the left, crossing at the Zebra crossing and the like. His presentation was apt to the group. Everyone felt that the programme was very useful land informative not only to the students but also to the teachers and the drivers.


Parents Informative session on CCE & Parents session with Mr.Murali – Seeker

The principal took a training session for the parents of the IX Std. on the CCE and changes brought about by the CBSE on the 6th of December. Handouts highlighting the important points were handed out. Our Mentor G.Balasubramaniam intervened to answer a few queries by the parents. Mr.Muralidharan from the Seekers had a session with the parents of VII and IX regarding the foundation course for AIEEE and IIT and strengthening the foundation in the science stream. It was chaired by the Chairman Mr. Ramamurthy who summed up everything which the child would benefit by attending the same. A circular regarding this was sent to the students and the classes began on the 25th of the last month. Nearly 35 students have enrolled for the same from both the classes. Teachers’ duty list has been prepared based on the schedule already circulated to the students via circular 21.

Hey Math! Zone inaugurated on the 5th of December

It gives me immense pleasure to inaugurate the Hey Math! Zone at our school campus. This was also inaugurated on the 5th of December by Mr.Balasubramanain our Mentor.

As you all know, the Maths Lab has been transformed into a Hey Math! Zone.  The objective of this zone is to change the manner in which Maths is perceived by students and establish a unique differentiation for our school as a CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN MATHEMATICS.

Hey Math! Zone complements the teaching process and supplements text book information by introducing multiple sensory experiences thus making learning a truly memorable experience for students.

We have partnered with Hey Math! – A leading technology based E-Learning system for Mathematics. With users in over 50 countries, Hey Math! Provides schools with innovative and high quality teaching & assessment resources, mapped to the school curriculum.

Hey Math!’s interactive and engaging E-Lessons help dispel the fear of Maths among students.
The Hey Math! Zone is a cheerful and vibrant learning environment which will become a magnet for students and inspire them to explore Maths beyond the curriculum.
Hey Math! Also provides structured professional development workshops for teachers (our teachers have been a part of one such session on 17th Nov – held at our campus)
Hey Math! Provides online accounts for students to ensure after-school learning continuity & for teachers to exchange ideas and share best practices with other partner schools.

We truly hope to make the best use of Hey Math! Program and make a positive impact on the teaching and learning of Mathematics in our school.



 Karthigai deepam is grandly celebrated for Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga has several names, and one among them is Karthikeyan. As he was taken care by six Karthikas, he was named as Karthikeyan by his father Lord Shiva. On Karthigai, people lit the earthen lamp and worship Lord Muruga. They fire crackers and show their happiness and bhakthi towards Lord Muruga. Such devotion towards Lord Muruga was expressed by our school children on 1st December.

Karthigai Deepam festival was celebrated as an Assembly programme. A student, Thanushree of I std. gave a wonderful speech on Karthigai Deepam. Her speech added divine spirit in everyone. Next there was a lamp-dance by the fifth standard girls. The light on the hands of the girls added brightness all over the prayer hall. The boys too proved their bhakthi towards Lord Muruga through a devotional song. Their song echoed in the whole school. Last was a Tamil skit in which the students, very beautifully explained the name cause of Lord Muruga as Karthikeyan. The students enacted whole heartedly and made the dais as Devlog.

At last our Vice Principal Mrs. Meenatchi Anandakrishnan wished all the students to enjoy the Karthigai Deepam very happily



Bakrid was celebrated on 27th nov,as an assembly programme. It is the day for sacrifice of prophet Ibrahim. The programme started with chanting of suras meaning.Suras are like slokas which binds the people with God through positive vibration. Devotional songs was sung by the students of IX Std.

Bakrid festival is celebrated on the month of Dut-huj. During this month, muslims go to the Mecca as their holy pilgrimage. They spend their one-third of earnings as charities to the poor people.

Children brought the real story of prophet Ibrahim before our eyes and through this story all were able to recognize the faith of Ibrahim in god .The children were given the moral values of caring and sharing through the skit.




We have so many celebrations in school but this is a very special day. All of us know that this is celebrated the birthday of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is so because he loved children very much. The teachers enacted various incidents of his life to highlight the diverse qualities in him. It was done in all three languages. In English they depicted his love for kids and rose, in Tamil about his helping nature and in Hindi about his love for languages. He felt that the languages should not be diluted. He propagated Hindi as a national Language.

His biography was narrated in English by Ms.Indumathi. The Social Studies Master, Mr.Anand dressed as Nehru and conducted a quiz for the students based on the information given to them through the skit and the speeches. There was also a melodious song sung for the students by the staff. The whole generation from Nehru to the present day was portrayed to the students. It was an enjoyable as well as a learning experience for the kids.

His picture was displayed on the notice board with write ups from his life



The Central Board of Secondary Education had decided to observe Vigilance Awareness Week from third November 2009 – seventh November in pursuance of the direction issued by the Central Vigilance Commission.

We celebrated vigilance awareness day on 7th November at 11.00 o’clock. The vigilance awareness week is celebrated in the memory of Sardar Vallabhai Patel who exercised a major influence in establishing the administrative structure in India. One of our English teachers gave an effective speech on vigilance awareness week. She explained about the increasing concern about corruption which is eroding the basic values of life and also the value system established in our country. She made the student understand that if the corruption continues, in long run, it may also destroy the whole society morally, ethically and economically. Next, was the skit against corruption was enacted by our school students. Their program went a long way in providing appropriate mind set among the students to fight against corruption.

Master Pradeep of IX explained clearly about the central vigilance commission. At last all the students and teachers took pledge to remain vigilant and work towards the growth and reputation of our country.

Many charts and slogans in different languages where displayed all around the school, to create awareness among students. Slogans like “Be honest and fight corruption”, “Fight corruption – its our world”, “Be clean and transparent”, “Garibi Hatavo: Bhrashtachar Hatavo”, made the student think and fight against corruptions.




Speech on Sir C.V.Raman (07.11.2009)

7th November was the birthday of Sir C.V.Raman the great scientist and Bipin Chandra pal. Our student Divya of IX gave a Hindi speech about Sir C.V.Raman. she very clearly explained about his life, inventions and also about Raman effect. Mrs. Padma, Science teacher gave a brief speech on Bipin Chandra Pal that he was not only an Indian nationalist but also a teacher, journalist, orator, writer and librarian. He was a great man who functioned on a high level on both religious and political plans. Many charts and slogans in different languages where displayed all around the school, to create awareness among students. Slogans like “Be honest and fight corruption” , “ Fight corruption – its our world” , “Be clean and transparent” , “ garibi hatavo: bhrashtachar hatavo”, Mode the student to think and fight against corruptions.


DIWALI CELERATIONS   -  15th October 2009

Diwali, which is considered to be one of the colourful and joyous festivals celebrated by all sectors of people, was happily celebrated in our school on 15.10.09.The celebration started with the Prayer by our music teacher which was in praise of the Lord Krishna.

The children put up shows for every occasion celebrated in the school. This time for a change the teachers put up the show for the kids. A typical KADHA KALATCHEBAM was wonderfully presented by our music teacher Mrs.Sreevidya along with other teachers (Mrs.Deepa, Mrs.Geetha, and Mrs.Bhavani. The story of how the Lord Krishna with the help of his wife Satyabamba slayed the evil Narakasura and how and why Diwali came to be celebrated in the south because of this was the theme for the topic story narrated. This was done in a sing song way.

Our Tamil teacher Mrs.Chitra delivered a speech in accordance with the story behind the celebration of Diwali.

Then came the skit performance which visualized the concept of why and how Diwali is celebrated in different parts of the country.. This was performed by a number of teachers in an enthusiastic manner with a fine co-operative spirit.

 A classical dance was perfectly given by the fourth student Rakshitha with charming facial expressions and mudras.

The function ended with the greetings and advance wishes conveyed by the Principal. Along with the greetings emphasis was given to the safety measures to be followed while bursting the crackers. The importance of helping the needy during this occasion was stressed upon. Children were made to understand that it is the victory of good over evil which is depicted by the burning of crackers and lighting of the lamps. In the same spirit, we should share our little with the economically lower strata of people and help them overcome their sorrow and grief on that day.

The celebration not only provoked the festive mood in our minds but also brought out the real meaning  and spirit in celebrating festivals and we all were warmed up to enjoy the occasion.



We had the Sishu Udhbhav Inter School Talent Display on the 10th (Saturday) of October 2009. the function began at 10.00a.m. Shri.N.Kamakodi, executive director of City Union Bank was the Guest of Honour for the inaugural function in the morning. The coordinator Mr.Sadagoban advisor, Mrs.Usha Natarajan and our in house resource person Mr.Swaminathan were also present. We had a prayer song and a classical dance for the opening function. The event was declared open by hoisting the flag.

By providing and organizing such activities, we provide wholesome opportunities to our students, rather than to spend heir spare time in undesirable activities.
We get to know our neighborhood better. It is a time to socialize and see how we can be of help to each other. The message of love and brotherhood is spread across. Children learn to win and lose with the same enthusiasm and there is no ill feeling for anyone. It is a time to share our best practices with each other.

The following tabular column represents the complete data of event held on the day:

Total number of prizes given is 103 (Because of Five participants in music and accompanists & I & II given class wise for Drawing Competition)
We had a number of JUDGES.


V.S.Ramakrishnan & Saravanan Lecturer in English from    
Government Men’s College. Henmavathy from Arasu Engineering  
College, Ms.Vasanthi and Prakash from Mass College


Dr.S.Kalimuthu(Lecturer in Govt College of Autonomous)
Dr.S.Swaminathan – (Tamil Teacher, Thiruvavaduthurai Aatheenam High.sec.school, Thiruvidaimaruthur)
S.Senthil Selvan-    (Tamil Teacher, Native Higher Sec.School, Kumbakonam).
A.Ramu- (Tamil Teacher, Namakkal Higher Sec School)
M.Jayabal –(Former State Teacher Association Secretary, Retired Head Master)

Miruthanga Kalamani Mr.Venkata Krishnan, G.Kasinathan &Ghana Kalanithi Thirukoil Swaminatha Iyer:

Jayaraman MFA:(Lecturer in Govt College for Fine Arts)-
The various competitions conducted were English & Tamil recitation, essay writing & debate, quiz Drawing, Spell Bee, Group song in Tamil and Hindi and Treasure Hunt for the students and dumb Charade and Wealth from Waste for the staff. Lunch was provided to the staff of all the schools & Snacks to all the participating students.

Dr.P..R.Janakiraman, Retired Joint Director of Health Services, was the chief guest for the valedictory function in the evening. The prizes and the rolling shield were given away in the evening. The later was won by our sister school Dr.G.S.K Matric Higher Secondary School (GUDALUR). The programme got over at 04.30p.m



Speech on Gandhi Jayanthi (01.10.2009)

Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday is celebrated on October 2nd every year through out the Nation. 2nd being a national holiday we spoke to the children on the 1st morning in the assembly. After the prayer, S.Dharshana from fourth standard spoke about Gandhiji.  She gave a complete glimpse into his life right from his childhood to how he achieved freedom, for his country. A very interesting feature highlighted in her speech was that she mentioned about Gandhiji childhood days in which he had also committed some mistakes and how he realized that, corrected and mended himself and arouse to the great heights. She ended her speech with a very thought provoking message that Gandhiji had been a setting example as to how a normal child from a mediocre family can also do great things in life “so why not we also?’
Thus we offered our respect and gratitude to that Great person on that day.          

Speech on Bhagat Singh (08.10.2009)

We Indians can never forget the young and energetic freedom fighter Bhagat Singh who sacrificed his life for the cause of our Nation. We celebrated and remembered his sacrifice on his Jayanthi on October 8th 2009. to commemorate his birth anniversary, the ninth standard student sang a patriotic song with great spirit.

Our Hindi teacher Mrs.Vasanthi delivered a speech in Hindi about the heroic deeds of Bhagat Singh. To make it more interesting and understandable to the students, our masters played a short skit depicting the story of Bhagat Singh – his contribution in the freedom fight. Ultimately the tragic end was also portrayed. In order to inculcate the spirit of peace and ahimsa, the story was concluded by saying that Gandhiji could breathe the fresh air of free India while the other who adopted the violence could not do so though they also had the good of the country as their ulterior motive. All these performances make us alert and always remember and realize the value of our freedom and how we should preserve it with great care.

Kandha Sashti Celebrations

KANDHA SASHTI FESTIVAL – which is being celebrated by the Hindus in rejoicing the victory of Lord Muruga against the Asura-Soorapadman? It is a six days festival of which the first five days fasting will be endowed by the devotees and the last day will highlight the important event of the fight between Lord Muruga and Soorapadman in which finally the Asura is destroyed by the Lord. Thus the name SOORA SAMHARAM is being celebrated in all Murugan temples in a very grand manner. Our school also contributed a little in our part to celebrate it on the same day-23.10.09. in our school campus in the assembly.

The choir sang the prayer song followed by the Bhajans in praise of the Lord. I std student Rajendra Prasad presented the famous song MUTTHAITHARU……. fom THIRUPPUGAL in his babyish voice. It is really a miracle that the six year old child sung that song beautifully which even adults find difficult to sing.
Then our Tamil Sir Mr. Jayaraj delivered his eloquent speech on the tale of lord Muruga. He vividly explained with good gestures and fine modulations.
Then the IX Std. students presented the Kavadi dance with a very typical Kavadi costume. It was really a lively performance which gave us the feeling of being in one of the AARUPADAI HOUSES.  Thus we energized ourselves and were blessed with the Lord’s showering.

 UNO Day:

UNO – United Nations Organization was started in the year 1945. After the world war, many countries came together to stop the war.  Thus UNO came into existence.

On 24th October, as usual after prayer Mrs.C.Uma gave a speech on UNO. She spoke on the following things:

  • How UNO was formed.

  • Number of members who joined the UNO after the world war.

  • Number of organs of UNO.

  • Various specialized agencies of UNO.

  • By showing the UNO flag she explained what the olive branches represent.

  • Recent number of members.

  • Peace keeping force – its function.

  • Achievement of UNO in solving problems till date.

After the speech the students dispersed to their respective classes.

Vallalar Jayanthi:

Vallalar Jayanthi was celebrated in our school on 5th October. He is the great man who expressed his tender heart by saying that he felt sorry on seeing the dried crops. He can also be highlighted for his many other aspects. According to him all are equal and he never discriminated people on any basis. He was a man who wanted “shanthi” all over the universe.  

A speech was given by our Tamil Sir Mr. Jayaraj in this regard.  The content of that speech was- He was born to Ramaiah Pillai and Chinnammaiyar at Maruthur near Chidambaram. He had spread “Samarasa Sanmaargham”.He was also called as “Arul Prakasar”. He emphasized the people to worship God in “Jyothi swaroop. As the people were worshipping idol, during those days, he wanted to minimize the discrimination among the people because of idol worship. So, he followed jyothi worship. The light which was lit by him is still there in Vadalur which is being considered very sacred and seen by people once in a year.

The children were given the valuable information like Unity is strength and Unity in diversity. Vallalar Jayanthi reflected the essence of the proverb “Kindness is the language which a deaf can hear and a blind can see.”

Dayananda Saraswathi Jayanthi:                     

 Maharishi Dayananda Saraswathi Jayanthi was celebrated in our school on 30th of October. R. R. Gayathri of Class VI spoke about the monk of the Hindu Monastic order, founder of Arya Samaj, a sanyasi who believed in the infallible authority of the Vedas. Maharishi Dayananda’s immense contributions to the rights of women, right to education and his translation of the Vedas from Sanskrit to Hindi. It was rare in Hinduism for he accepted women as leaders in prayer meetings and preaching.

   Sardar Vallabhai Patel Jayanthi

To mark Sardar Vallabhai Patel Jayanthi on the 31st of October, Master C. Rajiv of class VI- C delivered a speech. He spoke about his birth, entry in the political field and congress. He laid a special importance on his participation in the Quit India Movement and Bardoli Satyagrah. He also spoke about the courage and determination of the Iron Man of India. He exercised a major influence in establishing the administrative structure in India. To commemorate his Birthday, the CBSE has decided to observe “Vigilance Awareness Week” from the 3rd November to the 7th November 2009. There is an increasing o\concern about corruption eroding the basic values of life. It has not only a negative effect in social dynamics but also erodes the value system established in the country. It is important the younger generation who has to play a pivotal role in the dev elopement of the county needs to be educated on the urgency to fight against such unethical practices. We will be organizing lectures on the topic e-governance.



  • Our school celebrated the Navaratri festival in a very grand manner. Children from classes VI to IX were encouraged to bring dolls and idols of Gods and Goddesses. Children enthusiastically brought whatever possible by them.
  • A display of dolls was arranged in the third phase staircase.  Mr.Prabhu and Mrs.Sathya Priya took the utmost initiative to arrange and display the dolls in a very attractive manner.
  • An invitation was sent to the parents through a circular during the examination to make a visit to the school during Navaratri. Initiative was also made to arrange the serial lights and decorations.
  • The parents of different classes were invited on different days as a crowd control measure.
  • Parent’s showed utmost interest in visiting the ‘kolu’ with their kids. The children also enjoyed a lot watching the ‘kolu’ and showed much interest in showing their dolls to their parent’s.
  • Teachers were given duties on the dates according to their convenience. Teachers received the parent’s and offered them tambulam every day.
  • The celebrations came to an end with the grand celebration on the 10th day (Vijayadasami).Children of our school put up a fabulous show for the tune set by the dance teacher. There were speeches in English and Tamil. Children from I and II Std. stunned the audience by their group song. A beautiful slide show was presented by Ms.Padmavathy on how the same festival is celebrated in various parts of our country and the rationale behind them.

Arrangements were made to give tambulam for the teacher’s also. Children of the different categories of art education started their course on the Vijayadasami Day.


TEACHERS’ DAY CELERATIONS  -5th September 2009

Teaching being a noble profession, the teachers are recognized once in a year that is on Teacher’s day, September 5th .A wish of a teacher, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, has been the recognition day for all the teachers.

A place becomes a positive zone only when the hearts are in same frequency.  To bring the same vibrancy, the programme was started with a prayer song. God knows everything, there is no language barrier.  So the teachers sung the prayer in Marathi.  The Chairman and our Mentor    Mr.G. Balasubramaniam, were honoured by the Principals of GKR institution. The Welcome address was given by our Advisor Mrs.Usha Natarajan.

The blending of Bharathnatyam with one of the master pieces of Thiyagarajar, “Enthro Mahanu Bhavalu Anthiriki Vanthanumu” with the slide representations of great educationalists and thinkers was really wonderful really and brought about a harmony in the minds of the viewers which was presented by Goodalur teachers. Hats off to our Advisor for this different and apt theme. Next came the skit performance of our Teachers which displayed the past and present educational system in a very humorous and convincing way. That show was really enjoyable proved by the burst laughers of the whole audience. The credit goes to the screen player Mr.Jayaraj and of course to all the teachers who enacted their roles beautifully.

Our coordinator Mr. Sadagopan spoke about “What is a teacher?” He came out with the answer as “Knowledge + Communication skill+ Attitude = Teacher”.  Mr.Sadagoban rendered a wonderful speech regarding the duties of a good teacher and the steps to be taken by them to improve their attitude, career etc.; It was a worthwhile speech with valuable tips to be followed by a teacher to attain perfection.

Our mentor, Mr.G.Balasubramaniam motivated the teachers through his personal, exciting and interesting experiences wonderful motivating speaker, a man of optimism, none other than our Chairman Mr. G.K.Ramamoorthi spoke about improvement. He discussed about the easy time jobs and challenging jobs. He encouraged the teachers to develop their attitude by reading books.

It was followed by the main feature of the function- Prize distribution to the teachers. The teachers who have been working consistently and persistently in our school were honoured with cash awards and certificates. Mrs.Easwari Jayaraman is also one among them to receive the honour this year, who is now the Principal of the GSK Matriculation School. A week before the teacher’s day, Rangoli and Quiz competitions were conducted among the teachers. The house incharges were asked to conduct the quiz house wise for the prelims on the 1st and the finals was conducted on the 3rd by house incharges with four participants from each house. The  winners of both the schools were awarded with the wonderful books .At last, a sweet, short and crispy Vote of thanks was proposed by our Principal Mrs. Revathi Rajan. This was succeeded by a delicious lunch for all.


ONAM CELERATIONS - 2nd September 2009

We celebrated the Onam festival in the most traditional way in our school campus on September 1st 2009. Our Co-ordinator Mr. Sadagopan and Advisor Mrs. Usha Natarajan presided over the function. 

Teachers were all dressed up in the typical Keralite saris. Lord Guruvayurappan photo was gracefully adorned with flowers and the other pooja items were placed before such as fruits, coconut flowers in paddy heaped measure.  The special feature of Onam, the flower Rangoli (ATTHAPOO) with the Kerala “Kutthuvilakku” lighted in the centre of the Rangoli  the  finial touches to the festive effect.

The function started with the Prayer song in Malayalam sung by the school teachers.

Following that was the dance performance- KAAI KOTTI KAZHI by the students dressed up in Onam costume. Two students with the make up of the famous KADHAKALI stood on either side of the stage and the Boat set-up which are all the characteristic features of Kerala didn’t fail to give us all the sensation or pleasure of being in the State.

Our Tamil teacher Miss.Bhuvaneswari gave a speech which described the myths behind the celebration of this festival and a quick glimpse at the various rites and customs attached to this festival. Then Highlight of the function- VAMANA AVADHAR skit, was performed by the students who enacted the story of Mahabali wonderfully. Special mention should be  made  for the selection of students for the roles for each one performed his role to perfection as any professional would do.

People forget how fast you did a job……… but they remember how well you did it.”
The programme was harmonious because of the lovely and lively compering done by Mrs. Uma in Malayalam. “Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort”. The outcome of the Onam celebrations proved it. The parents enjoyed the function with gay.

The principal felt that It is an endeavor to preserve the customs and culture in the students on today which is getting lost somewhere down the passage of time. They should know the significance of every function and festival celebrated in this secular country and also enjoys it. It builds the strong foundation of being one in this diverse society and will go a long way to pave path for the communal harmony which is the call of this hour




  ‘VINAYAGA CHATHURTHI’ festival was celebrated in our school campus with great excitement in the assembly. The stage was majestically adorned by the big idol of Lord Vinayaga which was beautifully decorated with garlands, flowers and HIS favourite ARUGAM grass. The colourful RANGOLI of the Deity added to the holiness of the occasion.

The function began with a Prayer as usual. Children dressed up as Lord Ganesh, sitting on the stage with different musical instruments in their hands and nodding their heads was a spectacular scene. Then came the ‘PUSHPANJALI’ – the classical dance by the children, which was really a whole-hearted offering to the GOD in the form of art.

 Next, two students from I Std. spoke about the great tale of the origin of River Cauvery – how it was brought to the Earth by Lord Ganesh. Hearing that story in their childish voice is really an ear-warming experience. Succeeding it was the fantastic western dance by the I Std.  Kids. The children dressed up as Vinayaga dancing in the centre, and the other tiny tots dressed up as mice were dancing around him. It was an enchanting and marvelous performance by the cuties.

VI STD student Harish Sandesh  spoke about  ‘ Vinayaga Chathurthi’  in Tamil.  Then the Bhajan was sung by our students in a pleasing and attractive rhythm.

  Then came the final programme – a skit performance by VI STD students.[VINAYAKA IN 2010]   The story of Vinayaga , the spiritual reasons behind  His Elephant Head, big stomach, big ears, half broken tusk, His favourite ‘Kozhukkattai’ etc., were all conveyed in a simple language- understood by all. Really, it was an informative one, which unveiled many unknown questions or mysteries.

Though it was a short function, it was splendid and worth enjoying. In fact we all felt being in a divine and holy atmosphere



 We celebrated our 63rd Independence Day on 15-8-09 in our school campus.

The function started with the Prayer. It was followed by the ‘Flag Hoisting’- The most important event of the day. Our National Flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest- Rtn. Ex. Mr.V.Ganesan IAF. The Flag song was sung earnestly by all of us which was succeeded by the National Pledge.

The March Past, a gorgeous performance by our students was followed by the Mass Drill. Our students performed the drills in a systematic and orderly manner. It was really a wonderful and colourful feast to our eyes.

 Our Principal Mrs.Revathi Rajan.gave the welcome address and the Chief Guest was honoured. The Chief Guest addressed the students and spoke about the role of students in upholding the growth of the nation. He stressed to dream about and visualize a glorious India-, well developed in all aspects and being the top among all countries in the world. He mentioned about ‘Chocolate Syndrome’ i.e., Happiness should be ever retained with us and we should not lose it for minor grudges. External factors should not adversely affect it. He quoted the Elephant Syndrome insisting that we should realize the power within ourselves. He also advised the practice of reading books, and told that we should not be the mere preachers, but creators of History.

 Next to the Chief Guest, our In house Resource Person- Mr.Swaminathan gave his eminent speech and also announced the prize winners of the March Past. ASHWAM team secured the first place followed by Simham, Vyaghram, and Gajam secured the consecutive places.

 A speech in English was delivered by our student Sivakami, regarding our struggle for independence and our final achievement of freedom after painful moments.
A Patriotic song was sung by our students with energetic, enthusiastic and alliterative rhythm. Tamil speech was delivered by our student Pradhip Raj.

A fantastic Mime performance with the background song of “Vande Mataram” was given by our students. It was a spectacular show which visualized the efforts of our National Leaders to set our Mother Country free from the evil clutches of the British.

 Next came the Discussion held by our students. The concept discussed was whether Independence was achieved through Violence or Non-Violence. It was a healthy argument in all the three languages.

 Prizes were distributed to the winners of the various competitions held.

Gajam was in the lead as far as the competitions held till date. Finally our Vice Principal; Mrs. Meenakshi Anandakrishnan proposed the Vote of thanks.

The function came to an end with the National Anthem.



Gokulashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated all over India in a grand manner. Our school too celebrated it with great enthusiasm. Such religious celebrations impart the good values of our culture and custom to the students.

Gokulashtami celebration was started with a Prayer. The students expressed their love towards Lord Krishna through Bhajans songs. The Bhajan was highlighted by the song kuzhandaiyaga meendum Kannan pirakka mattana.Then the children were given the valuable information about Gokulashtami.As the story of Lord Krishna’s birth was narrated was in Tamil, the children enjoyed the speech with great interest.

Katha kaalakshemam is one of the most famous arts of Tami Nadu which has lost its fragrance due to the invasion of Western culture. Our school Dr.G.S.K has given rebirth to the Katha kaalakshemam through the story of Lord Krishna, by the students of middle level. The Kath kaalakshemam started with the story of Kansan and went on to the birth of Krishna, his mischievous and playful pranks and it reached the climax with the romantic ecstasy of Krishna and Radha. Katha kaalakshemam is usually in audio form, but here, in our school the students had given the Katha kaalakshemam in audio visual form.

Two incidents were highlighted in this programme. As Lord Krishna was so naughty, he was tied by his mother in a mortar. In order to give Moksha to Devas, who were in the form of trees, he dragged the mortar and uprooted those trees.

Krishna was fond of butter. He stole the butter from his neighbor’s house with his friends. Krishna taking butter from the Uri with his friends added feast to the eyes of everyone who gathered there. The students were excited by seeing this Uri adi of littleLord Krishna. The big round of applause went to Krishna for this action.

Gokulashtami was rejoiced with the classical dance of Gopikas and Krishna Leela. Though we are in Kaliyug, we went to Dwabharayug on Gokulashtami. We enjoyed the Leelas of Krishna.

Our beloved Principal Madam Ms.Revathi Rajan flavoured the function with her lovely speech about Gokulashtami.As asked the children to enjoy the special snacks of Krishna Jayanthi. As she is so caring, she didn’t forget to remind the students about the Swine flu and gave awareness about the same to everyone.




27th June 2009 was a special day for Dr. G.S. Kalyanasundaram Memorial School, Chozhan Maligai, Kumbakonam, when the  science and Fine Arts blocks were inaugurated by Shri N. Nagaraju, .  Regional Officer, CBSE, Chennai.   The  Principal Smt. Revathi Rajan welcomed the gathering  Addressing the gathering,  the Chief guest  congratulated the Staff and Students   for the spectacular cultural  show put up by them.

        Our revered chairman Shri. G.K. Ramamurthy’s speech influenced the audience He said that we run a ‘not-for-profit’ organization and even a single penny earned as income over expenditure will not be used for any other puropose: it will be ploughed back for the institution only.  It should come from the   helm of CBSE that our school is the best of the best schools and should be a globally recognized school.

        Former Director CBSE, New Delhi, presently the Mentor of our school opined that all round development of a child along with  the academic excellence should be given importance.

        Our Co-ordinator Shri. K. Sadagopan highlighted the activities of the school.  He said that the philosophy of our Chairman to provide Education to children in a manner conducive to over all development of the children evoked remarkable response from the parents and that was visible when they   thronged the school ambitiously to secure a seat for their wards.  The Function came to an end with the proposal of Vote of thanks by the Vice-Principal


Bhoomi  Pooja for IV phase was performed on 09/07/09 at 9.30am

Arrangement for Bhoomi Pooja was made by our Manager and Office staff. The pooja started with Ganapathy mantras.

 Our Coordinator Shri Sadagopan represented the management. A pit was dug and our Correspondent Shri Vijayaragavan, our Advisor Mrs.Usha Natarajan, our Principal, Vice Principal, Principal of Matriculation School, Gudalur laid the bricks for the foundation of the new building. Teachers were also present. Prasatham and sweets were distributed to teaching and non-teaching staff.



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